What we know about mentoring is that it matters to positive youth development. MRC members understand the benefits of mentoring our young people, especially when we hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult.  If you listen, those stories are everywhere.

Research confirms that mentoring changes the trajectory of young lives. In mentoring programs both parties benefit from the relationship. Mentees and mentors both learn how to mobilize the energies, resources, and strengths of each other. Some benefits of mentoring are: ​​

  •  Increased high school and college graduation rates
  •  Lower high school dropout rates
  •  Less likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use
  •  Improved behavior, both at home and at school
  •  Stronger relationships with parents, teachers and peers
  •  Improved interpersonal skills, ​
  •  Improved leadership and communication skills 
  •  Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
  •  Better attitude about school
  •  Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations
  •  Increase career and entrepreneurship ambitions​
  •  Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • ​ Learning to set and accomplish goals
  •  Learn critical thinking skills​