MRC Members

The heartbeat of our organization is the individual member.  We share our expertise, our thoughts, and ideas to make our community and our Club better. Each member is encouraged to get involved, identify an area of interest, and become an active participant.  Our Standing Committees include Audit, Civic Action, Finance, Grievance, House, Membership, Program and Sick.

We fulfill our motto and mission through hosting charitable, educational, and religious programs. These programs include activities such as providing Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas gifts and bicycles to the less fortunate of our community; hosting community events at the MRC, such as Blood Drives and programs for the elderly and donating the use of our facility to other qualified nonprofit organizations.

  • Allen Bailey
  • Webster G. Ballard
  • Thomas Barbour
  • Charles Barker
  • James Bentley
  • Waverly S. Berry
  • Vincent Blakely
  • James H. Blume
  • Tony Bond
  • Corey Braxton
  • Katherine Brown
  • Patrick Brundidge
  • Raven Brundidge
  • Charles H. Bush JR
  • James Clark
  • Reginald Cleveland
  • Harry Coard
  • Lawrence Coclough
  • Jeffery Coles
  • Ronnie Cypress
  • Clyde Derricott
  • Raymond Gross
  • Johnnie E. Hagans
  • Larry H. Harris
  • Randy Hawkins
  • Nathan Hawthorne
  • Richard J. Hayes
  • Sterling Hill
  • William Hill
  • Derick Hubbard
  • Sonja Johns
  • Humphrey Johnson
  • James Johnson
  • Frankie Jones
  • Norman Jones
  • Tunisa King
  • Ron Mayo
  • Vester McCollum
  • Wilbur McConico
  • James Moss
  • Robert Moss
  • Frank Patterson
  • Kelvin Preston Jr
  • Earl D. Reid
  • Bernard Rodgers
  • Willie Russell
  • Charlie Sanders Jr
  • Clarence E. Scott
  • George M. Sims
  • Kenneth Slater
  • Aubrey Smith
  • Garland W. Smith
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member
  • MRC Member

Board of Directors

The MRC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of fifteen (15) members; nine (9) lay members elected by the membership and six (6) elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Business Manager. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the nine (9) lay Board members only and assumes office at the January meeting. No elected officer may vote for the Chairman of the Board. The elected officers are voting members of the board in all other issues.

MRC Board Members

The policies of MRC are determined by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has all power of the club between regular meetings of the membership.

  • Vincent Blakey
  • Tony Bond
  • James Clark
  • Lawrence M. Coclough
  • Ronnie Cypress
  • John Hagans
  • Sterling Hill
  • Sonja Johns
  • Norman Jones
  • Ron Mayo
  • Vester Mccollum
  • Kelvin Preston
  • Earl Reid
  • Currently Vacant
  • Currently Vacant


Become a member now to make your impact

The Military Retiree’s Club Incorporated of Richmond, Virginia, is a veteran’s organization, that was the dream and vision of our founders who recognized the need to maintain a sense of comradeship among military retirees and the opportunity to strengthen bonds and relations with the community at large. Our dream and vision have always been shared by our members who come in comradery to organize and support our community.  We accept members of any race, color, creed, or national origin, who have completed at least 8 years of honorable military service in a branch of the armed forces of the United States.