The Military Retirees Club of Richmond

The Military Retirees Club Incorporated of Richmond, Virginia, is a veteran’s organization, that was the dream and vision of our founders who recognized the need to maintain a sense of comradeship among military retirees and the opportunity to strengthen bonds and relations with the community at large. Our dream and vision have always been shared by our members who come in comradery to organize and support our community.  We accept members of any race, color, creed, or national origin, who has completed at least 8 years of honorable military service in a branch of the armed forces of the United States.

The Armed Forces of the United States

United States Army

Founded: June 14, 1775, (ago)

Prompt and sustained land combat, Combined arms operations, Combined arms maneuver and wide area security, Armored and mechanized operations, Airborne and air assault operations Special operations, Set and sustain the theater for the joint force, Integrate national, multinational, and joint power on land.

United States Air Force

Founded:18 September 1947, (as independent service)- 1 August 1907, (as Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps)

Air superiority, Global integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Rapid global mobility, Global strike, Command and control.

United States Coast Guard

Founded:28 January 1915, (As current service)- 4 August 1790, (As Revenue-Marine)

Port and waterway security, Drug interdiction, Aids to navigation, Search and rescue, Living marine resources, Marine safety, Defense readiness, Migrant interdiction, Marine environmental protection, Ice operations, Law enforcement.

United States Marine Corps

Founded:11 July 1798, (as current service)- 10 November 1775, (as Continental Marines)

Amphibious warfare, Expeditionary warfare.

United States Navy

Founded:27 March 1794, (as current service)- 13 October 1775, (as Continental Navy)

Sea control, Power projection, Deterrence, Maritime security, Sealift.

United States Space Force

Founded:20 December 2019, (as independent service)- 1 September 1982, (as Air Force Space Command)

Space security, Combat power projection, Space mobility and logistics, Information mobility, Space domain awareness.